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Lenora Roland Taylor is the principal owner of the Law Offices of Lenora Roland Taylor.  She began her legal career as a trial lawyer for the IRS where she learned the inner workings of the IRS.  With the wealth of knowledge that she gained for defending and protecting the IRS interests, she later decided to open her own law practice specializing in Tax Defense.

Lenora was born in Detroit, Michigan and as a result is a born fighter.  She fights for her clients' rights with the same tenacity and aggressiveness that she would fight for her own rights.  She attended the University of Michigan and Michigan State School of Law where she graduated Cum Laude in the top 15% of her class.  She has over 20 years of legal experience.

Lenora was appointed by Governor Schwarzenegger to serve as a board member for the California Board of Accountancy. During her time on the board, she assisted in the regulation and discipline of the California CPA community.  She has also taught in the paralegal program at Cal State East Bay. 


Offer in Compromise

Client was in the real estate business, made significant amount of money and believed he would have the money to pay the taxes on the income.  When the real estate market crashed, he was out of money and owed $65,000 in IRS tax liabilities.  We submitted an Offer in Compromise and the IRS agreed to compromise the liability for $3500. 


Collection Representation 

A 75 year old client retired from his job and was living off of a fixed income. He had $550,000 in tax liability and a retirement account worth $200,000.  The retirement account and small social security was all he had to live off of.  The IRS agree to place the taxpayer on a hardship/uncollectible status.  This meant although the tax liability would remain owning through the collection statute of 10 years from assessment, the IRS would not seek collection as long as the taxpayer's financial situation did not improve. 


Innocent Spouse 

Client was recently divorced and after an IRS audit, the IRS attempted to assess a tax liability of $60,000 for several years which involved her former spouse's business.  We filed a Tax Court petition and resolved the matter with the taxpayer owing less then $20,000. 

Employment tax disputes/Trust Fun Penalty

A corporation accumulated $120,000 in employment tax delinquencies.  We were able to resolve the matter for the business with a $100/month payment plan.We were able to resolve the individual assessment for the person responsible for the failure to pay the employment tax with a hardship (unable to make any payments).


After an IRS audit, the IRS proposed to assess my client a tax and fraud penalty totaling $357,000.  We became involved and filed an Appeal which resulted in the elimination of the fraud penalty and a final amount owing of $166,000. 

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